Spanish Lawyers launches with CaixaBank and CTI Soluciones the World’s first digital contracting and online payments platform

The President of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, Victoria Ortega, has presented today the platform, a revolutionary system of digital contracts and online payments based on a pioneering smart contracts technology, which allows to close agreements and do extrajudicial and judicial payments associated to such contracts in less than 72 hours with full legal guarantee. The platform allows conditioning the agreements digitally signed to the effective payment of the amounts established in the contract.

In her appearance in the media, Ortega has been accompanied by the President of CTI Soluciones, Juan María Sainz; the Center Regional Director of CaixaBank, Rafael Herrador; CEO of, David Plaza; and the lawyer José Enrique Rodríguez Zarza, creator of the project. is a platform that provides immediacy and security when reaching and formalizing judicial and extrajudicial online payment agreements between parties, through an automated transaction procedure, which concludes, in case of ratification, with its digital signature and the certification accrediting it, facilitating the realization and collection of the amounts established in the agreement. The platform has been developed in collaboration with CaixaBank, entity that has provided advanced technology for the management of the operations and the design of the solution with the best user experience.

With the launch of this platform of digital contracts and online payments, Spanish Lawyers returns to the forefront of its firm commitment to digital transformation of firms with the development of the first platform, worldwide, of contracting and payment via telematics, with the opportunity, even, to close and pay agreements from mobile to mobile.

This useful tool has been specially designed to speed up and make easier the work of lawyers and, therefore, the services they provide to society.

Advantages: Innovation and technology at the service of justice

The President of Spanish Lawyers has explained that “the new platform represents a change in the way we work in the firms, offering technological solutions to meet the demands of customers quickly, effectively and legally, with all legal guarantees and certifying the agreements reached between the parties”.

Among its main advantages, Victoria Ortega has mentioned “the speed, comfort and ease of use, since it can be done from any electronic device, allowing lawyers and customers to receive the money in less than 72 hours and thus avoiding administrative recovery procedures; on the one part, the payer gets more ease in payment and a certificate of the transaction, which liberates immediately the payer from the payment obligations and possible embargoes, defaulters registries, etc.”.

For his part, the Center Regional Director of CaixaBank, Rafael Herrador, has outlined the importance of participating in the project: “The innovative vision is what has made CaixaBank the leading financial institution in payment solutions in Spain and, when we found partners with who we share this same vision, initiatives like this platform arise, which are not only very useful for their sector, but also represent a real technological milestone”.

The President of CTI Soluciones, Juan María Sainz, has said that “one of the fundamental objectives of the new Strategic Plan of CTI Soluciones is the launch of new innovative products and services in the area of payments, an area in which CTI has been present for more than 60 years and where we believe that this platform will be a new way of consigning payments for the Spanish lawyers”. is the second important project in which the Informa Group collaborates with the General Council of Lawyers and as in the case of the Registry of Judicial Non-Payments (RIJ), “our expectations are very high” added Sainz.

Finally, the lawyer and creator of this new project, José Enrique Rodríguez Zarza, has explained that “the idea arose from the need to cover a real demand of lawyers before the slowness of the judicial consignments procedures, based on personal experience and listening to colleagues”. “Before this need –said Rodríguez Zarza-, we decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization to provide greater agility and immediacy with judicial and extrajudicial agreements and their payments, so was created”.

Legal innovation at the service of lawyers to ensure and guarantee the collection of friendly contracts and agreements

The platform conditions the agreements reached between the parties to the receipt of the bank income of the amounts agreed in the contract. This way, until CaixaBank internally certifies the entry of the agreed amount, the contract cannot be downloaded by either party involved. If the deposit does not occur, the agreement proposal expires and it is deleted without the possibility of being downloaded from the application. With the use of this technology the problem of the resolution of contracts for non-payment is solved and it will allow lawyers to send and reach agreements without leaving their offices with the security and guarantee of collection, something that in these times of Covid and closures of institutions and Courts by the pandemic and inclement weather has a great value.

A secure platform

It is also a very reliable digital contracting system, since this computer solution allows the monitoring of the agreement identifying the parties involved, recording all movements to obtain the traceability of the transaction and being integrated with a totally secure payment provider, such as CaixaBank.

Likewise,it complieswith the regulations on data protection, right to honor, current legislation on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorism, as well as with the ethical principles and values that are specific to each of the legal operators to which the system is intended. The solution counts with all the measures for the secure use of confidential information and fraud prevention.

About Spanish Lawyers: The General Council represents the 83 Spanish Bar Associations and, through them, the more than 250.000 registered lawyers that our country has. From its Services Page, it provides to tens of thousands lawyers different technological services. One of the most valued by the lawyers is the ACA certified digital signature card, majority in the legal sector and that in the case of Certified Payments connects the lawyer with the census of lawyers of the Spanish Lawyers, providing full security that the other party is covered by a Bar institution.

About CaixaBank: leader in innovation in payment solutions and digital banking. CaixaBank, through its consumer finance subsidiary and payments methods, CaixaBank Payments & Consumer, and its specialized teams in the development of services for prepaid shops and services, Comercia Global Payments and Money2Pay, is the leading financial institution in digital payments in Spain, with more than 18 million cards issued and 400,000 client shops.

The entity develops solutions to offer the best payment experience and accelerate digital transformation and the technological capabilities, both of its customers and of the financial group itself. CaixaBank is currently among the top rated banks in the world by the quality of its digital products and digital services, with recognitions such as the “Best Entity in the World in private banking 2020” and “Best Bank in Spain 2020” by the US magazine Global Finance.

About CTI Soluciones: it is a subsidiary of Informa D&B, CESCE Group, with 65 years of presence in the banking, business and insurance sector.

Its business model focuses on the technological solutions applied to Payment Services, IT Services and Data Management, and on the Outsourcing of BPO Business Processes, occupying leadership positions in the financial sector where it works with all the financial institutions existing in Spain.

About José Enrique Rodríguez Zarza: founder and creator of the platform, he develops his work as a lawyer specialized in Commercial Law in the firm AGAZ Abogados. He is also an expert in Legaltech and Fintech, with an extensive experience in the creation of projects based technological innovation and digitization. Rodríguez Zarza designed for Abogacía Española the Registry of Judicial Non-Payments (RIJ), the first and only file in the world based on debts with final judicial resolution. He is also the founding partner and CEO of Icired Defaults, an international pioneering negative solvency file in the claim and consultation of private market debts, accessible to individual, self-employers, SMEs, companies and financial entities. Both files have been a legal and technological revolution in the fight against defaults and its prevention.

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